Batman & Catwoman & Batgirl. 24 by 36 inches. Acquired by the New Britain Museum of American Art permanent collection, December 2014.

1966 LIFE magazine cover and excerpts
1966 unused limited addition popsicle wrapper
1960s Batman comic
1966 LIFE advertisements:
Head & Shoulders, Clairol, fabric de-wrinkle chemical, lighter and TV
1953 Rx
1948 Rx (2)
1960s encyclopedia pages
1950s Monopoly piece
1940s weigh scale fortune cards
1940s or ’50s View-Master slide
Ford Tractor generator brush set (3)
tins (6)
watch parts
pharmacy labels
carnival tickets

Marcia: Shift Freedom. 24 by 36 inches. Commissioned Work for Prosecutor and author Marcia Clark by Hartford Books Examiner.

1897 Issue Harper’s Roundtable
1942 New Year’s Eve concert ticket
1943 Rx
1947 the Biltmore Hotel postcard
1950’s Lake Hollywood Mulholland Drive trading card
1952 Royal Typewriter advertisement
1950’s eyeglass frames
1940’s View-Master slides
1940’s pennyscale fortune cards
1963 Nancy Drew page
1960’s Hardy Boys cover
1962 LIFE magazine advertisements
1966 LIFE magazine advertisements
1970 The Doors 13 album cover
1960’s numbered London transit tickets
1950 UK bus ticket
1984 Armistead Maupin’s Tales of the City paperback cover

Typewriter keys
Czech matchbox covers
Watch parts
Typewriter ribbon tin
Powder tin
Aspirin tin
Pewter Monopoly dog
Pharmacy label
Cubano cigar band

Marcia Clark Rachel Knight book covers (4)
Stephen King book cover
John Valeri and Marcia Clark photo
John Coltrane Live at the Village Vanguard CD insert

Talking Heads. 24 by 24 Inches.


1983 full THeads ticket
1989 Tom Tom Club stub
1992 full David Byrne ticket
1977-80 THeads magazine ads
1980s THead newspaper clippings
1985 Little Creatures promo pins
1940 ketchup ad
1966 Clairol Girl ad
1950 little men and cars metal game pieces: Park and Shop
1950 Park and Shop game card
late 1940s View-Master slide
1967 little book pages: The Invaders
vintage old gramophone tins (some needles inside)
vintage cigarette, aspirin and spark plug tins
vintage watch parts
microfiche and 16 mm films
vintage french perfume label
vintage dominoes
1980s 45s

Surrender Dorothy. 24 by 36 inches on cradled clayboard.


1939 full-page print ad: Wizard of Oz
1939 MGM Movie promo/synopsis
1910 Dreams Just Dreams sheet music cover
1940s Dorothy and Toto linen book page
1969 LIFE Magazine cover: Marijuana
1971 Shaft movie ad
1950s hair net package
1945 G.E. ad: Judy Garland
1972 LIFE Mick Jagger pic
1970 Tiparillo woman ad
1926 gold drug prescriptions
1950s Swami diner paper fortunes
1960 London transit ticket
Late 1960s LIFE ads and photos
1950 Park and Shop game card

MGM stock photo: Wicked witch and flying monkey
4 tins
Typewriter keys
Watch parts
Monopoly dog
Pharmacy label

assemblage collage