Forever, Harry. 18 by 24 inches.


1943 WWII deployed soldier to wife love letter
1942 WWI wife to husband soldier love letter
1942 unused New Year’s Eve tickets
1930s Depression Era zinc milk tokens
1940s View-Master slide
1960 Conflict War Game metal pieces
1940s weigh scale fortune card
1950s Swami fortune diner machine tickets
1940s French flashcards
1940s magazine page – war painting re-print
1960s LIFE Magazine advertisement
1970s soviet watch face
1940s or 50s pewter Monopoly game pieces
1950s UK bus tickets
WWII war bonds stamps
Miniature trains
Perfume bottle
Watch parts and pieces
Czech matchbox graphics
microfiche and 16mm filmstrips
vintage buttons
Hungarian stamps
UK snaps
brass curvature links


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