Lieber John. Commissioned piece for John Basinger Tribute. 24 by 36 inches on 2 inch birch cradled clayboard.

JB large pic 8/26/12 by photographer Bruce Williams.


1963 Film Promotion Ad: “Move Over, Darling”
1950s Royal Typewriter Ad
1950s and ‘60s LIFE Magazine Ads
1966 LIFE Magazine Batman
WWI-era German currency
1943 Rx
1950s View-Master slides
1930s gramophone needle tin
1940s or ‘50s toy car
1940s or ‘50s pewter Monopoly dog
1940s typewriter key
1960s dictionary page

NY Times microfiche (gray)
Boston area microfiche (blue)
German text pages
General Store tag
Watch parts
Tiny bottles with tiny watch parts
Train tickets

Assorted Letters (English and German)
Assorted Photos
Eye Glasses
Heart Rock
Paradise Lost DVD set cover
The King production poster
1969 Driver’s License
Wesleyan Alumni nametag
Omega Institute nametag
Eugene O’Neill stamp


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