Surrender Dorothy. 24 by 36 inches on cradled clayboard.


1939 full-page print ad: Wizard of Oz
1939 MGM Movie promo/synopsis
1910 Dreams Just Dreams sheet music cover
1940s Dorothy and Toto linen book page
1969 LIFE Magazine cover: Marijuana
1971 Shaft movie ad
1950s hair net package
1945 G.E. ad: Judy Garland
1972 LIFE Mick Jagger pic
1970 Tiparillo woman ad
1926 gold drug prescriptions
1950s Swami diner paper fortunes
1960 London transit ticket
Late 1960s LIFE ads and photos
1950 Park and Shop game card

MGM stock photo: Wicked witch and flying monkey
4 tins
Typewriter keys
Watch parts
Monopoly dog
Pharmacy label


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