’50s Flower Power. 30 by 30 inches.


5-1950s Royal typewriter magazine ads and 1 from the ’40s
1914 typed letters
vintage Underwood typewriter ribbon tins (9)
1950s View-Master slides
watch parts
NY Times and Boston Globe microfiche
vintage tiny bottles with china dye, watch parts, microfiche and/ or buttons inside
vintage milk bottle lids, stamps, buttons and ribbon reels
tiny metal dinaosaur

New London Sailor Guy. 18 by 24 inches. Birch cradled clayboard.

New London AlmanacNewLondonAlmanacGallery
1927 Farmer’s Almanac New England New London CT
1800s 3 original Maritime Print Steel Plate Engravings
1878 New London Connecticut bank check
1906 New London postcard
1908 New London post card
1938 Dr. Jim stamp signed U.S. Naval cover sub base,
USS Cachalot New London, CT
1957 Old Spice print ad
1957 Zenith Trans-oceanic radio print ad
1938 Connecticut postal cancellations
1930s New London Trading Post matchbook cover
1940s penny scale fortune card
3 tins
London tickets
Tiny bottles with tiny watch parts inside
International nautical stamps
Watch parts
Soviet-era watch faces(from Latvia)
Pocket watch faces
NY Times microfiche
Mahjong tiles (3)
Monopoly pieces (2)
Conflict War game piece
Sailor print ad

Go Tokyo Via Movieland. 18 by 24 inches.

Go Tokyo Via Movieland.

18 by 24 inches.

1948 Chinese handwritten postcard from occupied Japan
1965 map of the Japanese National Railway in Tokyo
(printed in Switzerland)
1930s Japanese ketchup advertisement
1930s Hotel Imperial Tokyo luggage label
1890s stereoview card Iris Garden Tokyo
1950s Santa Ana, CA Japanese Deer Park brochure
1959 brochure for the Japanese film industry
1942 handwritten letter
1940s or ‘50s View-Master slide
1960s Air Mail stationary Nikkatsu Hotel, Tokyo
1966 LIFE magazine ads:
TV dinner, hotdogs and car
1890s to 1980s Japanese stamps
Stereoscope card Asakusa Park Gardens, Tokyo
Mahjong coins
Mahjong tiles
NY Times microfiche
Pocket watch face
Watch parts
Tins (3)
Tiny bottle
Monopoly pieces
Made in Japan tiny metal bus
Newer :dice

Forever, Harry. 18 by 24 inches.


1943 WWII deployed soldier to wife love letter
1942 WWI wife to husband soldier love letter
1942 unused New Year’s Eve tickets
1930s Depression Era zinc milk tokens
1940s View-Master slide
1960 Conflict War Game metal pieces
1940s weigh scale fortune card
1950s Swami fortune diner machine tickets
1940s French flashcards
1940s magazine page – war painting re-print
1960s LIFE Magazine advertisement
1970s soviet watch face
1940s or 50s pewter Monopoly game pieces
1950s UK bus tickets
WWII war bonds stamps
Miniature trains
Perfume bottle
Watch parts and pieces
Czech matchbox graphics
microfiche and 16mm filmstrips
vintage buttons
Hungarian stamps
UK snaps
brass curvature links

assemblage collage