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Area 51. 18 by 24 inches.


(3)1950s metal Archer space people figures
1967 Look Magazine photos and articles
Official U.S. Air Force UFO Form
(Look Magazine 1967 publication)
1950s-‘60s tiny Scrabble tiles
1967 The Invaders mini-book pages
1940s weigh scale fortune card
1970s soviet watch faces
1940s or ‘50s pewter monopoly pieces
1940s French flashcard
Kyrgyzstan bank note (10 Tyin)
watch parts
Czech matchbox graphics
carnival tickets
food labels
international stamps
dice (newer)
microfiche film strips
16mm film strips
jukebox labels

Talking Heads. 24 by 24 Inches.


1983 full THeads ticket
1989 Tom Tom Club stub
1992 full David Byrne ticket
1977-80 THeads magazine ads
1980s THead newspaper clippings
1985 Little Creatures promo pins
1940 ketchup ad
1966 Clairol Girl ad
1950 little men and cars metal game pieces: Park and Shop
1950 Park and Shop game card
late 1940s View-Master slide
1967 little book pages: The Invaders
vintage old gramophone tins (some needles inside)
vintage cigarette, aspirin and spark plug tins
vintage watch parts
microfiche and 16 mm films
vintage french perfume label
vintage dominoes
1980s 45s

Dottie. 12 by 24 inches. (number 5)


1940s and ’50s Rx (3)
vintage photos
1970s soviet watch dials
1980s engraved watch backs
vintage 16mm film
banknotes of India (1rupee)
early 1900s German literature
vintage 3-prong fasteners
1950s UK bus ticket, vintage tins
1970s snaps and buttons
1950s watch parts
microfiche film
international stamps
1940s-50s View-Master slides
vintage portrait lens and case

Marathon Mike. 12 by 24 inches. (Sold)


Commissioned piece: seven marathon metals.

1941 Int’l Dial Co. tin
1940s penny scale fortune cards
1939 dictionary page
1957 Life Magazine ad
1948 to ’55 View Master slides
1964 check stubs
1948 Rx

watch movements/parts
16mm movie filmstrips
Czech matchbox labels
sheet music
map bits

Marathon metals (7)
bicycle chain

Happy Birthday President Obama. Barack: Rolling Stone 2008. 12 by 36 inches.


(2008 Rolling Stone magazine cover of Senator/candidate Barack Obama).

1939 dictionary pages
1879 Longfellow poetry pages
1940s penny scale fortunes
1920s, ’30s, ’40s and ’60s labels
1950s railway tickets
1960s matchbook
1970s soviet watch faces
tins (3)
jukebox label
carnival tickets
watch movements
Czech matchbox labels
16mm film
sheet music

assemblage collage